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16oz Raw Black Locust Honey from ZIP: 17522 - Ephrata

16oz Raw Black Locust Honey from ZIP: 17522 - Ephrata


16oz (1lb) of premium treatment-free raw black locust honey. Black locust trees bloom in mid-May and produce a white or light yellow honey that is exceptionally clear. Black locust honey is one of the sweetest honeys, and has a delicate flavor with hints of vanilla in the aftertaste.


Never heated, filtered, treated, or pasteurized - just pure, local honey. Grown and harvested from the 17522 (Ephrata PA) ZIP code. Packaged in a glass bottle, with lid sealed with a shrink-wrap band to prevent tampering. This honey is from the 2023 harvest.


Flavor Description: Sweet, Delicate, Vanilla

  • Care Instructions and Shipping Info

    Raw honey may crystallize either during or after shipping. This is a natural process, and can easily be reverted to its liquid form by vigorous stirring or by placing it in a pot of warm water.


    Most orders ship via USPS Priority Mail within 2-4 business days. A full refund or replacement will be offered in cases of shipping damage (with picture proof).


    Consumer Safety


    Never feed any honey to infants under 1 year of age.


    Hidden Spring Apiaries LLC is registered with and inspected by the PA Dept. Of Agriculture, and is a member of PA Preferred.

  • Qualities of Our Honey

    1. Raw: our honey is packaged the same way it comes out of the hive - with the pollen and enzymes intact.

    2. Treatment-Free: we never use chemicals or antibiotics in our hives or honey.

    3. Natural: we rarely feed syrup to our hives, and never harvest honey produced from syrup. The honey we bottle is completely natural.

    4. Wildflower: our bees collect nectar and pollen from a multitude of flower varieties in their area. This means the pollen types are diverse and specific to the location of the hive.

    5. ZIP Code specific: we track and bottle our honey by ZIP code, allowing you to be confident that "Local" actually means local. (Some other producers have been known to label honey from hundreds of miles away as "Local")!

    6. 100% Honey: we never mix our honey with other products, like high-fructose corn syrup. 

    7. Supports small business: your purchase allows us to continue our passion of producing the highest qualtity honey we can.

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