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Hidden Spring Apiaries, LLC is a local family-run apiary based in Stevens, PA that was founded in 2019. Our company is operated on a few simple ideas:

Make it CLEAN. Our raw honey is 100% treatment free - we never use foreign chemicals in our hives.

Make it TASTY. Our honey is never heated or filtered, preserving its natural flavor, pollen content, and enzymes.

Make it PURE. Unlike many large producers, our honey is never diluted with other sweeteners or otherwise mixed to decrease costs.

Make it QUALITY. We never cut corners when it comes to our honey. The honey we sell is the absolute highest quality we can make.

Make it LOCAL. Each of our bottles of honey is labeled with the ZIP code where the beehive is located. No imports, mixes, or transportation of hives - just pure, tasty honey.


Sean Martin

Sean Martin

Sean is our (not so) hidden spring of beekeeping knowledge. He manages the beehives - from building boxes to splitting hives and re-queening, Sean is our guy. In Derek's words, Sean "takes care of the grunt work".

Derek Martin

Derek Martin

Derek is Sean's brother, and assists Sean with managing the beehives - along with sales, marketing, and other administrative tasks. In Sean's words, Derek "takes care of the fiddly bits" of the business.

Mohnton PA Apiary 19540

19540 Apiary

The 19540 apiary near Mohnton and Adamstown is our original location, started in 2018. In 2022 it is home to about 24 established hives and 75 nucs (new colonies).

Ephrata PA Apiary 17522

17522 Apiary

The 17522 apiary near Ephrata was a new expansion in 2019. It is now home to 10 established hives and 25 swarms captured in the 2022 swarm season.

Lititz PA Apiary 17543

17543 Apiary

The 17543 apiary near Lititz was a new expansion in 2021 and is located on an organic farm. It is currently home to 15 established hives.

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